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Private HEALING Sessions


Private Sessions

Lesley Smith has studied spirituality and intuitive energy healing for over 30 years with practitioners and healers from around the globe. ​Lesley began her training in spiritual healing with the Lawrence LeShan Consciousness Training Institute.  She is a gifted and committed “listener” to Divine Guidance.   Personal sessions combine healing and channeled guidance for people of all walks of life and denominations who are seeking support and transformation in areas of health, abundance, relationships and self expression.  Her clients include therapists, business owners, retirees, doctors, healers, psychics, coaches, students, lawyers, contractors, artists, dancers and more.

She has happy, satisfied clients all over the globe who choose the level of support they desire for themselves and family working once/year, once/month and/or once/week. 

Her clients report transformations in:

 Releasing fear and grief

 Removing or reducing pain

 Improved relationships with self and others

 Support and guidance in next steps in career

 Support in connecting with your HigherSelf, Inner Guidance and Guides

 Transforming illnesses and injuries

 Reduction of stress and worry

 Increase of energy, optimism, clarity and insight

 Support and strategies for highly sensitive people


“Working with Lesley Smith was amazingly powerful!  This lady is right on cue with her messages - especially for me.She did a release of blockage around “grief, sadness and sorrow” in the relationship level.  Within 1 week of doing this, it was as if an atomic bomb went off inside me to release what was not working for me and into such a place of open-heartedness and pure love coming and going from within.  I am still reeling from this in wonder.

She helped me release major concerns with family members and gave clarity that all will be fine.  And it is. Messages came through regarding my business which was right on target, of course!  Loved working with Lesley - she's down-to-earth, easy to talk with and so, so very accurate with her readings.  Honestly, this consultation was life-changing for me!  Thank you, Lesley!”  - Cathy A.  Naturopath MD

“The work I have done with Lesley has been truly transformative. She has helped with four healings in the past year, two of which involved medical crisis for family members. Change took place immediately and I experienced incredible support, insight and clarity. She shared details she had no way of knowing in the rational world. It is difficult to describe in words her process and my experience. To put it simply, Lesley is a powerful bridge to other healing energies in the universe. I am grateful for her gifts!”-  Jessica L, Therapist

"Over the past 10 years I have sought guidance and healing from Lesley.  She has given me specific details to prepare me for my future. During one of my sessions I was told I would lose my job, which I honestly thought was odd, but I chose to follow the prediction.  In the months’ ahead I got business cards made and conducted research on opening my own business. Sure enough, I was laid off with only a 30 day notice and because I was prepared, within 3 weeks I successfully opened my own practice. My sessions are always transformative and deeply healing!"   -Jen M​, Mental Health Counselor

"Lesley is a profound healer and such a gift to me and all those she serves.  Her intuitive wisdom, heart power and warmth bring tremendous healing on so many levels.  She helps me tune into my imbalances (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) with compassion, release blockages, raise my vibration, and discover answers deep within.  Whether you are seeking a specific answer to something going on for you, are struggling with injury or pain, or simply desiring restorative energy therapy, I strongly recommend Lesley!  She is phenomenal - both with in-person and over the phone."  - Annie W​, Health Coach

"Just being amazed by the session we shared this morning, and I can't help but want to email you and thank you with all my heart for your help....and for bringing my Mom right back into my life. The happiness, the physical relief to connect with her again is beyond words. I am so grateful to you. As I freakin' ROCK!"   Big love to you, -  Libby F.  CA

“I have been working with Lesley regularly for the last ten years. In that time, I have had all sorts of issues that she has helped me with and through. Examples of these are relationship issues, breakups, family and personal issues and many, many times she has helped me to get through physical injuries, both minor and severe. Her technique is so loving and gentle but there is nothing she can't help you with!”- Jake F. 

"My Dad recently had a stroke and was in the hospital.  After one session with Lesley, he was able to talk, he was more alert and responsive, he had color back in his cheeks, eating, the OT said he was now able to hold a cup, able to grip my hand and seemed fairly tuned into what was going on around him.  Prior to the session and  the past few days previous, he didn't seem to be able to do any of the above so there was definitely noticable improvement and enough to be transfered out of the hospital. Yesterday he said "I love you" and "I'm sorry",  two things I wanted to hear.  Thanks so much for your help!"  T. L. N.H.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am feeling so much better and stronger than before our session.  More clear about specific things and more trusting in general.  The thing I notice the most is less feelings of panic or insecurity.  It's such a relief! I am blown away by how quickly I felt things shift and how profound the shifts felt."  Emily K  

Disclaimer:  Lesley Smith is a Spiritual Intuitive Counselor. 

Lesley Smith will not be held personally, legally, or financially liable for any action taken based upon advice received. Lesley Smith is not a psychological or medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature. Anyone reading this page acknowledges that they have read and understand the details of this disclaimer. Please see a medical doctor in the event of a medical emergency of for diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition.

Sessions are at a distance by phone and occasionally in-person. 

Suggested donation of $150-$250.  Email for additional information and to schedule: