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Channeling The Happiness Code

Experience a profound shift in your life!

Lesley has been unlocking the happiness code for individuals and audiences for 30 years to support profound joy and to release stress and worry. Her participants and clients experience "out of this world" break throughs in limiting beliefs, healing crisis, gaining clarity, transforming their businesses, magnetizing their mates, finding purpose and materializing their visions. 

She uniquely combines her life-long commitment to Spiritual healing, personal transformation and work as a trainer in conflict resolution, into amazing workshops and performances as a Foundation for the Arts Touring Artist. Her performances give hope, shift perspectives and encourage people to love themselves and pursue their dreams. 

                                  Awaken to Your Happiest Life!

Lesley provides deep dive, high intensity immersive sessions for individuals, their families and groups.  Participants experience a change in physical realities by changing mental and emotional wiring through scientifically-based processess, mystical guidance and energy healing over the course of 3 to 4 sessions or more advanced programs up to 6 months.

"Lesley is a powerful bridge to other healing energies!" And a world-class singing ventriloquist!

"Lesley is a powerful bridge to other healing energies!" And a world-class singing ventriloquist!

L.O.V.E. ALIVE Stage Shows

Music + Comedy + Interactive! 

L.O.V.E. Alive events are out of the box comedy, inspiration, transformation and music to move you. Tailored to groups from R&B, pop to country.  

"Lesley’s smile and presence is as warm and welcoming as her voice...And her puppets are something adults can relish".  Boston Globe 

Theater Shows, Roasts & Special Events

Musical Theater: 

"JUST BREATHE: the quest for a little piece of mind... and chocolate."

Hilarious characters (a therapist, life coach, pet psychic and guru...) come to life in a  one act musical play. Sometimes booked as "A Night of Comedy and Desserts".


 “I haven’t laughed so hard since Carol Burnett donned a curtain rod and became an instant Scarlet O’Hara!” Caryn Clark, Executive Director of HeartWorks  


Time for Something Unique!

Lesley joins like-minded organizations to create one-of-a-kind experiences that audiences will NEVER forget. Combining heart-opening music, inspiring comedy and unique entertainment to EXPERIENCE compassion, healing, empowerment and love!

"... I could just sit here and watch you all day.”  Cheryl Richardson, NY Times Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach 

"Lesley Smith is an awesome talent!  I laughed until I cried, not just once but all during the show. "  Jackie Woodside CPC, LICSW leader, best-selling author, TEDx speaker, radio and television personality


Lesley has toured extensively as a guest soloist across the US from Boston to Nashville to Vacaville CA, and to Ireland, England and back again. 

"Lesley Smith sings like an angel.  She is a very bright light." Walter Starcke, Award-winning Broadway producer, author and lecturer

"Lesley Smith sings like an angel, capturing the rhythm of a contemporary mystic that is mesmerizing."  

Wings of Spirit Foundation

Spiritual Music CD: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/lesleyannsmith,


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