Heart Powered Miracles Workshop

In a 2 hour Heart Power & Miracles workshop, Lesley will be guiding you into deeper states of healing and inner peace. Participants will have the opportunity to identify a "problem area" to transform and we will connect with the solution. You will learn several techniques to access your intuition and states of mindfulness and compassion. 


The Connection Practice Training

Lesley is a certified trainer in Rita Marie Johnson’s “The Connection Practice”, a 12-hour course combining non-violent communication plus Heart Math’s coherence technique to enhance insight and empathy. You can explore this technique at

This skill has proven its value in businesses, schools, universities, non-profits, families and faith-based communities.

“If everyone practiced this it would transform our world into a sane one!” — Henry B.

“The Connection Practice is a parent survival kit.” — Mother of two young children


Power of Humor Workshop

Humor is for everyone and is a fantastic tool for parents, caregivers, health care workers, teachers, elder care and for well... just about everyone.  You will learn the power of accessing your inner humor to enjoy in every area of your life. Offered in 1 1/2 hours to 2 hour sessions.